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$ 119
  • Up to 4 Thumbnails


$ 259
  • Up to 10 Thumbnails
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  • Custom quantity, custom pricing.


What if the number of videos I make per month varies from month-to-month?

I would go with the subscription that fits best with the average number of videos you create. If one month it’s four videos and the next is three videos you can use the fourth video credit to redo the thumbnail of any existing video.

I don't have any photos or graphics to provide you for my thumbnail.

When you first set up your subscription for thumbnails we will go over your needs and specific questions for your channel and artwork.

If you would like to include a photo of you or a product shot you would need to provide those images.

I am always only an email away if you ever have a question.

Can you create the header image for my channel?

I can! When you move forward with your subscription there is a “note” box where you can add any questions you might have. If you would like to do it yourself but just need a little help I have a template you can use. Click here.

I have no idea about file formats or which file type you need.

Depending on what type of project we are working on we will discuss the file type(s) I might need. But you don’t have to worry about what file types you need…I got ya covered.

I don't really have a "look" for brand colors. Can you help me with this or...?

Definitely. We will discuss this when the subscription request comes through (or any project request, really). If you would like a color palette created that you will use throughout your business I can help you there as well. Just let me know if branding is what you would like the most help with.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made with a credit card or ACH bank transfer safely and securely online.