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YouTube Thumbnails + Design Services

If you are a video creator you need thumbnails for your posted videos. To promote your videos, which you certainly want to do, you need graphics and templates are a fabulous way to create a strong base. And a video creator focused digital planner can help you keep all your ideas in one place. Read on below to learn more about each service and more.

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Attention Grabbing YouTube Thumbnails

If you create an amazing and value-filled video but they don’t find it, see it, or aren’t driven to it…how will they know it’s there?

Laura Pearman

My CTR rate has shot through the roof since working together.

Since working with Carrie on my YouTube Channel Thumbnails, I have noticed some BIG changes. Not only does the stress of throwing something together at the last minute in Canva no longer exist for me, the designs she does ACTUALLY WORK. My CTR rate has shot through the roof since working together. And, as a fellow creative, I have been delighted by Carrie’s continued recommendations and pushes to go a little bolder and braver with the way the designs look week to week. If you’re ready to level up yourself in a big way on YouTube, you need Carrie in your life!

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Branded Templates

You see a template package that you think is perfect for you except one thing…the colors don’t fit your brand and you would like your logo to be added. It’ll take forever to make all those changes. Don’t worry! My branded templates service takes the templates you love and customizes them all to fit YOUR brand.


Thank you so very much, Carrie! This was a smooth and very easy process working with you! I appreciate you taking the time to make sure it was ‘just right’—and IT IS!!!

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design service

1-on-1 Design Session

This is your time to chat with me about your in-progress designs. I can help you finesse or figure out the design struggles you might be having. Sometimes you just need another set of eyes (preferably experienced one’s).

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