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FREEBIE: YouTube channel cover Template

The channel art is the first thing people see when they land on your channel page. This template can help you get your art set up to communicate to your viewers what your videos are all about. Free Canva template. Easy peasy!

Make Your Videos Irresistible

Your thumbnail is like the cover of a book surrounded but a bunch of other books. While I can’t help you with the video itself, I can help with the thumbnail. Or…I can show you how to do it yourself.

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Design Chat Session

Graphic Design Help

Doing the design work yourself but you just need a bit of help or a guiding hand? You’ve come to the right place.

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Thumbnail Design

Hey, video creator

Professionally created quality thumbnails start here. You make the videos and I’ll make the thumbnails.

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"Thank you so very much, Carrie! This was a smooth and very easy process working with you! I appreciate you taking the time to make sure it was ‘just right’—and IT IS!!!​"